SC UMC Conference

Gramling United Methodist Church

Nursery and Preschool

Mark & Paige Weissenberger

The little ones can come hear about God's word and God's love  in a fun and safe environment in rooms on the main floor near the Sanctuary.

Elementary Grades
Laura Gramling/Sarah Harrison (teachers)
Classroom is upstairs on the left behind the balcony. Sunday School is a vital part of the Christian education of our children. After the age of three, children begin Sunday School in the classroom next to the nursery on the main floor. We encourage all children to visit our Sunday School classes.  We study a variety of topics and have a great time each week in fellowship with one another.

Youth Sunday School Class
Beth Edmondson (teacher)
Our Sunday School Class is for 7th through 12th graders. We meet in the back corner room behind the balcony upstairs.  We study a variety of age-appropriate topics based on interests and suggestions of the class members and teachers. This is a high participation class and our discussions are thought-provoking and lively! We encourage each other to work on our personal relationships with Christ through study, prayer, and devotion. All are welcome!!

The Covered Bridge Class

Elizabeth Edmondson (teacher) 
The Young Adult Sunday School Class is a growing class intended for college students, recent college graduates, and twenty-somethings. However, anyone is welcome to join the class who might not fall into one of those categories. The class focuses on discussion-based lessons that apply scripture to our daily lives and seeks to equip members to keep Christ at the center of every aspect of their lives. The class meets on the third floor, in the middle classroom.

“Good Sinners” Class
This class meets in the Parlor on the main floor, through the Narthex at the main entrance.  It is for adults of all ages from college up.  Our class revolves around study direct from Scripture or other Bible-based studies.  While there is a teacher/leader, the class is predominately conversation from all attendees as we learn together.  We are focused on finding God’s will and wisdom for how to live out our Christian Lives.  

The Upper Room Class
Ty Granger & Bruce Woodfin (teachers)
This class meets each Sunday morning in the large room on the 1st floor at the bottom of the stairs. Lessons involve lively discussion of Scriptural-based topics with an emphasis on modern day application of Biblical truths. The only prerequisite for this class is a desire to know more about God’s word and our relation to it. The 24+ members of this class range in age from young adult to middle age. Our goal is to provoke a level of self-questioning that will carry beyond our Sunday morning meetings into our daily lives and positively impact our relationship with God and with other people. We welcome new members and hope you will join us.

Anne Fryga Class
Teachers: Rev. Will Brown, Rev. Don Hope, & John Gramling III
I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord.  Psalms 122:1
This class meets in the Social Hall. Our Sunday School Class tries to express our love and concern not only to our class but also to anyone who needs help. We have given memorials, shared food for the sick and bereaved, love gifts to the needy, visits to the hospitals, nursing homes, and to the sick and shut-ins at home, transportation for doctor visits. This class follows a lecture/discussion format. It consists primarily of senior adults. Regardless of your age, we invite you for fun and fellowship.

Sunday School Classes